Industrial design: refers to the manufacture of industrial products for all purposes: designing and producing machines, all kinds of equipment and appliances, teaching aids, toys, furniture for industrial production, designing fittings for various assembly systems and other consumer products.

Graphic design: creating visual identity, advertisements, promotional messages, signs, symbols and logos, books, magazines, newspapers, all kinds of packaging, posters, share certificates, stamps, banknotes, typographies etc.

Visual communication: forming a visual system, videos, animated commercials, companies` visual identity, (introductions for shorts, documentaries, cartoons or animation), exterior and urban visual identity.

Membership Criteria

A candidate may apply by submitting studies, drawings, plans, photos, diapositives, models, products in batch production etc. For industrial models, it is necessary to enclose images, cross-sections and details together with the project. As far as graphic design and packaging are concerned (if dimensions permit), works should be submitted in their original size.

For industrial product design, it is necessary to submit five (5) works. If possible, the works should be the finished article, ie, produced in batches.

For packaging (of graphics or industrial design), it is necessary to submit nine (9) works, three (3) of which should be the finished article.

For graphic design, it is necessary to submit ten (10) works, five (5) of which should be the finished article. For image of form, it is necessary to enclose two completed systems .

Read the Membership Rulebook.

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