Since its foundation in 1953, ULUPUDS`s main aim has been to contribute to the establishment and development of all the branches of applied art and design. Therefore, over time, various sections have been formed within the association to bring together members with similar interests and professions. In 1955, the Association numbered 146 members, divided into three sections: Painting and Graphics, Architecture and Decorative Plastics. In 1962, the Association was reorganised into two sections - the Unique Applied Arts Section and Industrial Forms Section - before, in 1964, the principle of forming sections according to professions was re-adopted. The sections created then remain as they are today, with minor modifications and additions. Those sections included: Architecture, Textile and Contemporary Costume, Artistic Photography, Sculpture, Graphics, Ceramics and Art History. In 1967, the Graphics and Painting sections were integrated, and in 1971, the Design Section and the Conservation and Restoration Section were formed.

Today ULUPUDS boasts 1700 members, 1100 of whom are active and carry out their statutory commitments, and is made up of 9 sections: Architecture, Design, Applied Painting and Graphics, Artistic Photography, Ceramics and Glass, Scenography and Costumography, Applied Sculpture, Textile and Contemporary Costume, and The Theory, Critique and History of Art.