Sculpture in the widest sense of the word, ranging from monumental to small plastic sculptures, medallion design, jewellery, emblems, badges, coins, trophies (spacial solutions for reproduction) up to 40 cm, mascots, souvenirs, cups, medals, space-decorative, advertising and information systems, signs and inscriptions, portraits and reliefs, sculptures, fountains, memorials etc.

Membership Criteria

Candidates have to have the appropriate faculty degree and evidence of exhibition activities (catalogue copies), at least three (3) assessed group exhibitions or one (1) independent at galleries with an Artists` Council elected by the Artists` Associations.

Material should include five (5) smaller works or five (5) bigger works (photographs, slides, sketches) and five (5) sheets of sketches should be enclosed.

It is necessary to read the Membership Rulebook.  

Section Committee President: Jasna Dramićanin ,