As a specific field of applied art, ceramics provide exceptional opportunities for artistic expression.

Different ceramic techniques such as terracotta, mayolica, faience, stoneware and porcelain open up different technical and aesthetic possibilities when creating unique works of art such as sculptures, panels, murals, fountains, decorative dishes for living and public space, both indoors and out. There are also handmade items for special purposes and orders : small plastics, unique dishes, small sets of dishes for everyday use, lamps, clocks, jewellery, souvenirs.

Designers who studied Ceramics and Glasswork at the Applied Arts Faculty, professionally design ceramics products such as bathroom fittings, ceramic tiles, kitchenware etc. for industrial purposes.

As part of ULUPUDS`s activities, members of the ceramics section showcase their work at group exhibitions such as the Belgrade Ceramics Biennial, Planet Earth and others, both in ULUPUDS galleries and other showrooms, as well as elsewhere (Botanical Gardens, Barutana etc).

Membership Criteria

A candidate should bring ten (10) completed larger format works and five (5) sketches (A4 format backed on drawing paper). For industrial design, it is necessary to bring two (2) completed sets or photographs thereof (if in large format), as well as written proof of exhibition activities and completed works.

Read the Membership Rulebook.

Section Committee President:
Iva Brkić, ,