Interior design: interior with fittings and furniture, showpiece architecture, interior restoration and reconstruction, furniture design, fair design and planning, exhibitions, display stands.

Exterior design: micro-urban square design, freespace, landscape and horticultural design, street furniture and design, restoration and reconstruction of micro-urban environments and component fittings, memorial and funeral solutions.

Membership criteria

5 works from any field, two of which have to be the finished article or have to have been displayed. From the overall number of works, at least three have to have been produced independently. Every work has to be presented professionally with characteristic backgrounds: bases, cross-section, appearance and details, perspective sketches or photographs have to be a minimum of 18 x 24 cm. .

Each work has to be accompanied by a summary – was it produced independently or in a group, the exact location, the year of design and construction, investor. All items should be backed with paper on a firm surface, preferably in 50 x 50 cm format.

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Section Committee President: Branislav Mitrović,