Photographic works that embrace elements of visual art according to universal aesthetic principles, and accompanied with high technological quality, are considered to be works of art, regardless of their subject matter. Various genres of photography are included, from diapositive exhibition photos, publications, advertisements, theoretical texts on the study of photography, exhibition reviews, photographic education, the application of photography in multimedia, conservation and restoration of old photographs.

Membership Criteria

Candidates should submit two sets of works: twenty (20) finished articles showing professional maturity, and twenty (20) unmounted works no shorter than 30 cm and no longer than 70 cm in width or length, on subject matter of the author`s choice. Through this set of works, authors should show their aesthetic talent, artistic maturity and photographic and technical skills.

Groups of works must be separated and titled.

Read the Membership Rulebook.

Section Committee President:
Mario Leone Bralić