Theory, Critique and History of Art

The theory, criticism and history of fine and applied art means, how to creatively participate in the artistic process, and independent copyright shaping and articulating art movements, trends and relevant factography. History of art is the creative contextualization, interpretation and presentation of a wide range of works of art in the theory and practice.

Art criticism is a professional pointing to the value of works of art and applied art, design and visual communication, and their evaluation. Art Theory is a broad vision phenomenon of contemporary and historical art production.

Functional Description Section and professional profiles of the members

Scope covers the theory and practice of professional, creative and copyright of presenting and interpreting works of fine and applied arts, design and visual communication.

Ways of presenting and interpreting works for a wide audience including author exhibitions (both solo and group retrospective, thematic, historical, etc.), writing about the works (criticism, exhibition, catalog essays, monographs, educational materials, etc.), research work, work in publishing, media action and immediate oral presentation of a wide range of phenomena from the domain of visual culture (lectures, guidance through exhibitions and settings, debates, etc.).

Independent theoretical creators from this area also have important advisory role, particularly in the museological practice and especially applied to the creation, maintenance and creative presentation of the collections, as well as exposure to a wide range of works of art. The theory, art criticism and art history proactively direct the trends and have a key impact on the formation, design, development and contextualization of artistic practice and the creative industries. They contribute to both their professional appraisal, as well as their visibility, evolution and dispersion of fine lines, making them all make cleaner and those outside the narrow professional artistic and creative circles. The theory, criticism, art history involves periodically innovative creation of neologisms, original new terms for phenomena and trends, new words and phrases which are then eventually enter into general use in the field of art theory and practice.

Membership Criteria

Ten (10) published manuscripts/texts or photocopies of works published: reviews and expert articles, works in the field of art, published in magazines or journals that have appeared in other cultural media (radio, TV, internet) that can show the candidate's professional continuity. At least five (5) of these works have to be drawn from the field of visual arts.

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Section Committee President: Zoja Bojićl,