Ranko Radović Award 2017

ULUPUDS - Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia, as a Founder, and University of Belgrade - Faculty of Architecture, The Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad – Department for Architecture and Town Planning, The Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia, The Ilija Milosavljević Kolarac Foundation, The Institute of Urbanism Belgrade, Company “Potisje Kanjiža” The group WIENERBERGER, The Serbian Chamber of Engineers, Radio Television of Serbia as Co-Founders - announce

Public invitation - competition

For RANKO RADOVIĆ Award 2017

The AWARD was founded with the aim to encourage, develop and promote critical theoretical thought in the field of architecture and creativity in architecture.

The Ranko Radović Award BOARD is made up of the Founder's representatives and one representative of each of the Co-Founders as follows:

under the Regulation on grant awards Ranko Radovic who brought the founder, has appointed three members of the jury for three categories of awards, which are awarded to:

  1. critical-theoretical texts on architecture, published in the previous calendar year as well as in the current year to the date of award, and for reviews, essays, books, lectures and the written word in general;
  2. realized architectural work completed in the same period;
  3. television shows, exhibitions and multimedia presentations completed in the same period

Jury Awards

Category (1)

  1. Aleksandar Kadijević
    Ph.D., Professor, Art Historian
  2. Milan Rakočević
    Ph.D. in Architecture, Professor
  3. Milica Kostreš
    Ph.D. in Architecture, Professor
  4. Aleksandar Staničić
    Ph.D., Architectural theorist and critic
  5. Ljiljana Ćinkul
    Art Historian

Category (2)

  1. Petar Arsić
    Ph.D. in Architecture, Professor
  2. Marko Todorov
    B.Sc. in Arch., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  3. Mustafa Musić
    B.Sc. in Arch.
  4. Jovan Mitrović
    B.Sc. in Arch.
  5. Milan Dimitrijević
    Engineer of Architecture Degree

Category (3)

  1. Oliver Tomić
    Ph.D., Professor, Art Historian
  2. Milan Popadić
    Ph.D., Associate Professor, Art Historian
  3. Ivana Miškeljin
    B.Sc. in Arch., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  4. Bojana Andrić
    Dramaturge, historian of TV Serbia, publicist
  5. Snežana Ristić
    B.Sc. in Arch., Editor-in-chief-of Cultural departement, Radio Belgrade 2, Serbian Broadcasting Corporation

The right to participate in with individuals, institutions, associations, professional organizations, and all interested persons who have achieved results in one of three categories, from Serbia, as well as from other countries. The competition is announced in accordance with the Award Ranko Radovic Rules (is in the process of adopting the new Regulations which will be provided the opportunity to compete on the students' work) and starts from Friday, 1st September, 2017. Deadline for receiving works is 16th October 2017.

Method of submission of tender papers

CATEGORY (1) deliver

  1. original material (3 copies for Jury, and 1 copy for the exhibition and the archives, 3 copies of the book will be returned to authors)
  2. CD from the front page of a personal photo (resolution for printing)

CATEGORY (2) deliver

  1. photos and drawings on a poster 40x100 cm (vertical), mounted on carton penny 5mm. The poster will be used for judging a joint exhibition of all entries. Instructions for the formation of posters and templates can be downloaded here (download link)
  2. CD with illustrations of buildings (5 copies for each member of jury, as well as additional material for the Jury) and personal photo

CATEGORY (3) deliver

  1. The photographs, illustrations, drawings on the poster 40x100 cm (vertical), mounted on carton penny 5mm. The poster will be used for judging a joint exhibition of all entries. Instructions for the formation of posters and templates can be downloaded here (download link).
  2. The material on CD or DVD (Provide 5 copies for each member of the jury) and personal photo

The award is given 21st December 2017 and consists of:

  1. Plaques
  2. Charters
  3. Prize money


Rules Awards Ranko Radović, elements of competition and an electronic application form on the competition for awards Ranko Radović are on the web at: http://www.ulupuds.org.rs/eng/Aktuelnosti.htm

Competition works are submitted to the following address:

The Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia - ULUPUDS

Terazije 26/II, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
11103 Belgrade 4, Serbia

P.O.Box 87 , PAK 106806


The award marked Ranko Radović 2017

The deadline for receipt of papers is 16 October 2017 year.

Shipment of works covered by the author. Competition material is not returned.


Entrants will be presented at a joint exhibition of all submitted papers that will be open to the Foundation of Ilija Milosavljevic Kolarca, in the Music Gallery, on the 21st day award December 2017. During/May 2018 The exhibition will be held at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.


Entrants should confirm their consent application to their work being exhibited at a joint exhibition of all submitted papers which will be distinguished winners. All exhibitors are entitled to one copy of the catalog can be downloaded on the day award. The cost of subsequent mailing of catalogs by mail shall be covered by the author.

Patrons Awards Ranko Radović:

The Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia
City of Belgrade - Secretariat for Culture

Konstantin Petrović, Art Historian
Secretary Awards Ranko Radović, Coordinator of professional services

Nagrada Ranko Radović 2017
/ Ranko Radovic Award 2017

Za kritičko teorijske tekstove
/ For the critical theoretical texts

Za realizovano arhitektonsko delo
/ For realized architectural work

Za multimedijalne prezantacije
/ For multimedia presentation

Zadužbina Ilije Milosavljevića Kolarca, Studentski trg 5, Beograd, 21.12.2017. godine.

/ The Ilija Milosavljevic Kolarac Foundation, Studentski trg 5, Belgrade, 21.12.2017.

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Pravilnik (65 KB) / Regulation (80KB)